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Nokia Will Allow N-Gage Games License to Be Transferred

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Just few days after AllAboutNGage revealed the current N-Gage policy, which only allows you to install the purchased game on single phone, Nokia has released an official statement that they will apply a fix to the current situation and eventually allows you to transfer your purchased license to other phones.Nokia mobile

Here is the statement released

“We have noticed a number of media stories about N-Gage game transfers and wanted to clarify the issue. Due to copy protection, N-Gage games, like most mobile games, are linked to one device. As the value of content increases, a robust copy protection mechanism is essential as it makes it possible for the games industry to invest in N-Gage content.

We acknowledge our customers’ concerns and have been working on a solution that would allow people to transfer purchased N-Gage games to a new Nokia device. We are working with our Nokia Care Centers with an intermediate solution to enable the licensed transfers of games until a final solution is ready to be deployed.

We apologise for the confusion around this issue and look forward to delivering an appropriate solution to transfer purchased N-Gage games to new Nokia devices.”

that’s a fast response in just 3 days!


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