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Apple's iPhone to travel to Canada

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apple iphone
After capturing the U.S. market with lightening speed, Apple’s iPhone might soon be launched in Canada. Although, there is nothing official about this new venture, but it is believed that Apple Inc. is joining hands with Canada’s Rogers Communication Inc. to bring the smart phone to the country.

However, certain stumbling blocks need to be overcome before the deal between Apple and Rogers is finalized. Perhaps the greatest obstacle is Rogers’ wireless data plans that cost more than those offered by the European and American carriers that Apple does not like. Apple wants to expand the market of its iPhone by offering unlimited data plans so that consumers do not have to worry about the cost of mobile Web browsing. Apple is also demanding a part of the subscribers’ monthly bills that Rogers is not willing to accede. Canadians could only hope that Apple and Rogers solved their problems so that they could enjoy the iPhone experience that their neighbors have been enjoying for the last one year.


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