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Sony Ericsson stun gunStun guns that look like mobile phones aren’t new. But, the latest cellphone turned stun gun to be discovered actually looks like a decent handset upon cursory inspection.

This Sony Ericsson look-alike is a fresh departure from previous stun guns masquerading as ugly monoblock handsets, and the police in Nottingham, England are surprised to have found it. The BBC reports that they found this stun gun disguised as a Sony Ericsson handset in the Hyson Green area. Although it looks like a Sony Ericsson slider, the fact that it doesn’t actually work as a cellphone but does deliver 900,000 volts of electricity through two metal prongs should make the user a little cautious.

The mobile stun gun is 18 times more potentially lethal then the 50,000V “non-lethal” Taser local law enforcement personnel use. The local police is stunned to have actually found it “It’s a shock that we found it. We are always concerned about finding different types of weapons on the streets. Sony Ericsson stun gun

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