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One-Step iPhone Jailbreak for 1.1.3 Released

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Earlier today, Zibri - a member of the iPhone Elite Team - released a new jailbreak utility for iPhone firmware 1.1.3. This latest jailbreak is rumored to be the same method that the iPhone Dev Team has been guarding in anticipation of the iPhone SDK release - the "true" jailbreak (as some have termed it). Zibri's jailbreak utility, called ZiPhone, is said to have been created without the assistance of the iPhone Dev Team and as such was released without their cooperation/consent.

One-Step iPhone Jailbreak for 1.1.3 Released

ZiPhone will apparently take care of jailbreaking and unlocking your iPhone running firmware version 1.1.3 without requiring you to downgrade to an earlier version of firmware. What's more , Zibri claims that ZiPhone can actually 'revive' many phones with dead basebands.

Both Mac OSX and Windows versions of ZiPhone are available and can be downloaded here. According to the ZiPhone instructions, jailbreaking with the utility is as easy as connecting your iPhone to its dock and running ZiPhone (users with no IMEI, no WiFi, and/or no baseband may have to boot the phone in restore mode and run ZiPhone with the '-u' option). After that, just follow the on screen instructions.

We haven't tested ZiPhone first hand yet, so we can't speak personally to the results. Though some users are experiencing problems, many are reporting successfully jailbroken iPhones after using ZiPhone. More information is available on Zibri's blog and supposedly the source will be released on the iPhone Elite Team's page later today.

Stay tuned for more information regarding ZiPhone.

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