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NEC N906i and N095iu Available in Japan

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NEC N906i and N095iuCheck these brand new clamshells from NEC!
NEC N905i and NEC N095µ are the new high-end clamshells from the N line, coming in impressive vivid housing colors like the ones you see in the pictures.

The telecommunication network that provides them is NTT DoCoMo from Japan, and NEC N095iµ sports a built-I 2MP camera, keys illumination lights for a stunning magic effect enabled when the user receives a call or a new message.
NEC N906i and N095iuDesigned in such a way not to exceed 12.9 mm in depth and 106 grams in weight, NEC N095µ features HSDPA support, World Wing global roaming and four color options: Graphite Black, Bourgogne Red, Opal White and Venus Gold, just to cover all tastes.

NEC N906i and N095iuThe other NEC mobile phone is not less impressive than the NEC N095µ. NEC N905i is another addition to the NTT DoCoMo latest phone releases, and it has not a 2MP but a 5.2MP built-in camera with auto focus and face detection capabilities, so you can be sure that your pictures and videos will have a good quality no matter if you take them in your home or while on the go.
NEC N906i and N095iuAlso, the phone provides high speed web browsing via HSDPA connectivity and you can watch your favorite TV shows by turning the phone in the horizontal position, using the built-in 1-Seg TV tuner with the circular control button, specially designed for the TV function.

Like the previous described model, NEC N905i comes in a few cool housing colors: Black, Pink, Red and White.

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