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iPhone Ambulance Chasing?

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Here’s yet another sign of the iPhone’s ever-growing effect on the web, web-site design, and on business (even though we’re always told it’s not a ‘business-class’ device).

iPhone Ambulance Chasing?

This new web app listing in the Apple Web Apps Directory is for Lawyer Websites for iPhone. More of a service than an app really, Lawyer Websites for iPhone is described as

The first service the creates law firm websites specifically designed and suitable for viewing on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Believe there’s a fairly noticeable typo in there that some lawyerly types might just notice.

The description goes on to say that all websites created include:

- Home Page
- Practice Information;
- Attorney’s Professional Biographical Information
- Attorney Contact Information including address, telephone, e-mail, and link to detailed map information provided by Google Maps, all integrated with Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch Screen.

So there you go … law firms no longer need to rely solely on those unintentionally hilarious TV ads that run at four in the morning - now they can whip up an iPhone friendly site to do some of their bidding for them.

If you want to give the Lawyer Websites for iPhone service a closer look, check it out HERE


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At January 15, 2008 at 9:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its amazing what people will do with the iPhone, that's why the forthcoming SDK will be interesting indeed!

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