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HELP: I need a RDP client on my iPhone

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HELP: I need a RDP client on my iPhoneAs a network engineer you can use the SSH client to remotely manage your corporate switches and routers from your iPhone. But suppose you are a Windows Server system engineer, you like to use an application better known as Microsoft Terminal Server Client, better known as MSTSC in the Microsoft world. When you start it in XP, you can punch in the name of the remote Windows Server you want to remotely takeover the desktop of it and do your thing. But where can I find the iPhone version?

Well I haven't found it yet. I know there is a Big Mac OS X application that is doing the same thing called CoRD. But how to have this work on my iPhone? I don't know but there is a enormous demand for it, I know that for sure, because the iPhone is HOT among the IT people.
=== No, I don't like to install extra agents like WebEx PCNow, LogMeIn or VNC, Just want to use native Microsoft RDP service ===
So is there somebody in this world who can tell me, if there is an iPhone application available, a RDP client who can do this? Please help me out of here!! Or,....port CoRD to iPhone guys, please help me. Please post your answer as a comment or send mail. I want that killer application too. Cheers,


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At July 16, 2008 at 8:33 AM, Blogger rclark said...

Microsoft RDP on the iPhone? Now that would be a life saver. If that was available, I would cancel my verizon plan and sign everyone in my office up for an iPhone.

At August 8, 2008 at 9:51 AM, Blogger Matthew Kurtgis said...

There is a unix based RDP client that I think the right person would be able to modify to work on Iphone. It is called rdesktop, I have been using it for years in Linux and Unix enviroments and it is ultra thin and portable.

At August 15, 2008 at 5:52 PM, Blogger wakuwaku said...

Finally! Today an IT&T visitor gave me this tip of WinAdmin. This tool was already for some time around but we did not notice it, caused by the huge numbers of App Store apps. [I wanted it last year too, read THIS older RDP post]. So what is WinAdmin exactly? WinAdmin is a native remote desktop client. With this App Store tool, you can take over desktops of bigg-ass windows servers from your iPhone, as if you were sitting behind those bigg-ass machines. It may be a business case for Windows administrators
read the 'original' posts here:


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