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Nokia 7500 vs 7900

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As you all probably know Nokia announced the 7500 and 7900 for the world. They are both part of the new Prism series which consists of a design based on triangles. the 7500 was released earlier in China. Both phones are very similar in design but I think the 7900 looks sleeker. The 7900 has smaller keys...wonder if it makes them harder to use. The 7900 is smaller and thinner than the 7500, loses the microSD support but has built in 1 GB storage, supports 3G and organic wallpapers. Both phones have a 2 inch 16 million color display but the 7500's screen is TFT while the 7900 is OLED. The 7500 has the option of changing that color ring while the 7900 doesn't. I prefer the 7900.

Pics from sogi


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