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Found Footage: copy and paste on the iPhone mockup

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put together this short demo of how copy-and-paste might work on the iPhone (and it's the first parody I've seen since the music was released last week). The whole thing with the guy and the lips is just freaky in the beginning (and pretty funny at the end), but in between there's a short demo of how text could be selected and pasted using the multitouch surface on the iPhone.

Is it just me, or is implementing an interface like this turning out to be harder than it looks? As easy as this mockup is, I really doubt Apple would go for something this complicated (there are multiple screens to go through, and it's somewhat intuitive, but just not intuitive enough for Apple, methinks). Maybe the reason Apple hasn't put C&P on the iPhone yet is that, as good as they are at what they do, they just can't come up with a good way to do it.

Thanks, ratiosans!


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