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Setting up iPhone

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Setting up iPhone

iPhone & iTunes

Can I transfer my mobile phone number to my new iPhone?

Yes, you can transfer most current mobile numbers to a new iPhone.

How long does it take to activate my new iPhone?

Activation times can vary, but if you’re setting up a new line, it may take as little as a few minutes. If you’re porting a number from another carrier, it could take longer. While you’re waiting, you can make calls but not receive them.

Can I transfer contacts from my current mobile phone to my new iPhone?

Yes. You should first transfer all your contact information to Microsoft Outlook on a PC or Address Book or Entourage on a Mac. Then you can sync your iPhone with your computer to put your contacts into your iPhone.

Does every iPhone rate plan come with unlimited data?

Yes. Every AT&T service plan for iPhone comes with unlimited data for web browsing and email. Current AT&T customers must add an iPhone Data Plan to their current plan or upgrade to an iPhone plan. Every plan also includes Visual Voicemail and at least 200 SMS text messages, with more SMS messages available at additional cost.

Can I use the SIM card from my current mobile phone?

You should use the SIM card that came preinstalled in the iPhone.

Do I pay my monthly iPhone bill using iTunes?

You pay your monthly iPhone bill directly to AT&T.

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