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Want to get free iPods and iPhones? Enroll in ACU

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The Abilene Christian University recently announced that the incoming freshmen of school year 2008 will receive either an iPod Touch or an iPhone.

Of course, it is not exactly for free. The cost of the iPhone or the iPod Touch will be included in the tuition fees of the students. The school is hoping that through this, they may be able to promote new technology as well as on-the-go resources for their students.

There are already 15 web applications included in the devices that would allow the students to easily find the office of their respective professors. They may also answer online quizzes, online in-class surveys as well as check the balance of their meal tickets. If the devices were used properly, they can make a wonderful educational tool for the students of Abilene Christian University.

According to the spokesperson of the university, they are not just providing a cutting-edge technology to their students. They are also providing essential web applications that will be helpful to these students. Since most of them are bringing their laptop computers every in school, ACU has decided to take them to the next level by giving them mobile devices such as the iPhone.

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