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iPhone prices revealed in Canada and customers hate it!

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Roger Communications Inc. is the partner of Apple Inc. in distributing the 3G iPhone to Canada. Recently, the largest wireless carrier in the country announced its pricing plans for the 3G iPhone. And if other customers in other countries were excited when their price plans were announced, the Canadian customers quickly became angry mobs.

The hottest smartphone will also be in Canadian stores by July 11. But few hours after Rogers Communication Inc. unveiled its price plans, one protest website started collecting comments as well as signatures to let the company know that their price plans are not accepted by the anticipators of 3G iPhone.

From the protest website, one complainer said that the plan from Rogers Communication is a joke compared to the price plans of other countries where the 3G iPhone will be distributed. While another complainer even said that the price plans are a rip off.

The voice and data plans of Rogers will start from 60 to 115 Canadian dollars every month. The price includes the unlimited use of Wi-Fi at Fido and Rogers hotspots. For those who choose to have the C$115 plan, they will have 800 weekday minutes for voice calling. Aside from that, they will also have an unlimited time during weekends and evenings.

The price of the iPhone in Canada will be almost the same as the price of the device in United States. It will be C$199 for the 8GB model and C$299 for the 16GB model. However, they Rogers would require the customers to sign up for a three-year contract whereas the AT&T would only require a two-year contract only.

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