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Apple Inc. are now accepting applications in the App Store

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July is fast approaching. And a couple of weeks before 3G iPhone hits the market, Apple Inc. already sent out the email for all the iPhone developers. In the email, it clearly states that the company are now accepting application submissions that will be included in the upcoming App Store.

It was mentioned in the email that developers may now get started by downloading the 8th beta version of Apple Inc.’s iPhone OS. The said operating software can now be availed from the iPhone Dev Center. Now that the iPhoneOS has a new version, developers may now conduct the final testing for their applications so that may prepare it before submitting their applications to the App Store.

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By July 11, Apple Inc. is expected to release the App Store and the 2.0 firmware. This is the same day that the company is expected to release the 3G iPhone as well. But bottom line is that the company is currently accepting applications from different developers in order to be approved for sale in time for the launching of the App Store.

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